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Minefest Offers 

Fitzcraft is a great minecraft server with a small community.



Server attack!

Well I was kinda of expecting this to happen, our Moderator Braden2011 used his power to crash the server. If anyone see's him on the server from now on message the staff anyway you can. 

We're sorry about this guys. We'll try fix this problem ASAP.



Hyrule project: Update 0.2

Hey everyone I've started building the inside of the castle or for us Zelda fan's Hyrule Market.

At the moment I've done the entering ally way witch is 100% compelet, past that I've made a little food market that sells Cooked Pork, Steak, and Chicken all for $10 each. 

I've added a weapon shop in the market too where you can buy a full set of Diamond armor, Diamond sword's, Bows and Arrows's, Enderpearls, EXP bottles, Golden Apples and Enchanted Golden apples and lucky last Book's. (These book's aren't enchanted, it's your job to enchant them)  

If you're to lazy to do /warp Hyrule and walk 20 seconds to get there just do /warp hyruleweaponshop or /warp hws both them will spawn you to the same place.



Hyrule project: Update 0.1 

Hey everyone this is your Co-Owner Sasuke here again, I have updated the map and have done making the wall and field around this. Braden2011 has been a great help with the world editing the tress as the boarder. 

I'm still looking for testers at the moment, please send me an email to this adress or message me in game. You can also do /mail send Sasuke7992 YOURMESSAGEHERE to contact me. Anyway hope you guys like the update. :) 




Hello everyone this is your Head-Mod Sasuke here, I am going to start on my big project of making Hyrule Castle from Ocarina of time! I will be looking for some people to come and test it out during the making of it to see if their is anything wrong with it. I will be making a forum page in our forum pages. For the sake of safty of this project I will be only allowing members who send me an email saying they're the right ones for testing. My email is link7992@hotmail.com so if you're intrested you know what to do.

Here is a screenshot of the first part of my project. 


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